Christianity still available?

2021-08-31 08:02:15 ALEJANDRO

Good evening together.

What I have always asked:

Whether there are still Christians in this country?

While there are many Christians and convincing with full.

But the Christianity is not practiced in any case.

Nobody prays, no one FASTET.

60% foreign ranges and over 50% divorce rate

LGBTQL is promoted and even from the CDU (Christian Democrataine Union).

Even the pope is for it and he is at least the head of Christianity.

Christianity is the most pursued religion in the world and nothing is done.

I wonder if the country still any values ​​and ideals.


So in my moods there is a prayer team - it is prayed for several occasions - and clearly there is also fast weeks ....

Much more important for a Christian is life In God's relationship with full mental fruit, to be a testimony in the morning.

Such municipalities who know the highlights I only see my exit from the Jehovah's witnesses. And there is probably several hundred of such freelance communities or similar in our country - whether they are all the same as mine, I do not know.

Grandkirchen (ev. KTH.). Are not all the same great, there are you right. There you can rather rarely find a preacher full of the fire of God, but it gives them.


None prays, no one FASTET.

I pray and fast.

Whether there are still Christians in this country?

My faith is very important to me. I think it's nice when people from their faith can draw hope, comfort and strength. Such a belief can be very enriching the life of my opinion.

I think among others, among others, that you believe in a loving, gracious God and that the charity is very important.


I believe in nothing. For you, it will probably listen terribly, but I feel the Sunday as quite a few, because there is nothing going on. Consequently, I use the day to learn (I am a student) and worry that I always have something to do. For this I have a lot more free time in the week, which clearly pleasant for meR is. There are many more ways when shops and everything else have opened.

That's why I'm not your enemy for a long time. I accept all religions and I also accept other opinions, but as I do my life, just determine I. For that I also leave you the freedom to determine that for you.


Nowhere, also not in the Bible, is written, as described by christistum is or to be practiced.

You can only religions with your special regulations and rites in your Practice. But you do not have to belong to any religion to be a Christian and you do not even have to be a Christian to follow the teaching of Jesus. If you want that, it is even better no Christian and certainly no memberto be a religion.


Christianity is, at least in Germany, for years on a descending branch and that's a good thing.

  • People do not believe each nonsense and are enlightened.
  • Between what "believers" preach and how they are are worlds and that makes them implausible.
  • If nonsensical persons naturally unnatural and prohibitions, no one can hold in the 21st century.
  • For a long time already necessary reforms remain or will be carried out half-heartedly (celibacy, homophobia, women's kneading, acceptance of other sexualities, homoehe, acceptance of other religions, etc.).
  • Exorcism and conversion therapy is still practiced.
  • FearBefore that religions could get too much power again. What you do with it shows the past and unfortunately also the present.
  • The aggressive missionary.
  • Too strong interference and embossing of politics. Follow and drove money from the state.
  • Too strong interference in school, education. Distribution of their irrelities.
  • Orientation to millennia old (aqued) books and ideologies.

The churches have stopped thousands of years ago and have not developed further due to their "ownership" and intolerance.

Christianity still available?