Haircolor? (Blond hair, black strand)?

2021-08-31 09:05:36 KEVIN

Hey I'm from nature from blond hair and wanted to try that, you think that is?

Only the hair is not black but blonde and the strand Black


I would say no because you just stand lighter hair colors better but of course you have to decide for yourself, find brown a good alternative, even as black years needs to disappear completely


If I would imagine that then you would be the mega but be careful not to break your hair broken because of the black front


Just do it. But you should be clear that such a color change can not even be undone and you regularly need an approach because your hair blondes regrow.

Through the black you could look very pale.


Natural hairs are best, I think


No, I think the black is too hard for your guy

I think you could stand pink or apricot

Haircolor? (Blond hair, black strand)?