Satisfying anal?

2021-08-31 09:06:17 CASSANDRA

Hello, I have M 13 Normal mastubiruses Extremely boring because I want to try it with anal satisfaction What I have to pay attention to everything and I have to prepare myself somehow on it or should I rather leave it in old age and I'll get it that way Also to orgasm? PS: I'm Hetero


Moin! Anal satisfactory is an exciting thing. Have also tried it with 14-15 or so today like today.

For the first time I would recommend you gloves or a condom over your finger. That flows better and feels more pleasant. Then a lot, lubricant, vaseline, baby oil or simply spit. Put yourself best on all fours, with the head on a pillow. So your butt is most relaxed. Then take your finger and button slowly. If it hurts you should stop. Even if it feels very good after a while, you should not take more than one finger during the first time. Next time you can try to take 2 fingers and easy to stretch. Pay attention to spit LSimilarly dried out. You can also cover things like the handle of a brush with a condom and then introduce you. These are all experience that you have to collect. If you finger yourself finges that your fingernails are not too long, so you do not hurt yourself.


Since you are 13 I would recommend Vaseline. Do not believe that you want to buy lubricants. Try slowly Ranzutasten, first a finger later may vllt two. Look what you are about. LG and have a lot of fun

Satisfying anal?