Do you feel something at 12cm as girls?

2021-08-31 13:02:52 FERNANDO

Hello I'm not sure if my penis is big enough and since female friends say that they already had sex and that with an average of 15cm I wonder if 12 also sufficient so that it feels good? I just ask for an honest answer, if it's about people who have experience with something like this

Thank you :)


You also feel a finger, which is definitely smaller than 12 cm. That should not be the problem. Through penetration, most of the ever come to orgasm, no matter how big or small the penis is because in the vagina are not so many nervous. Instead, you should take care of your clitoris in the foreplay, then you come to your costs.


Of course you can feel something. It is about the German average it fits. You should not define yourself according to his penis size :)


Yes enough


Yes, do

Do you feel something at 12cm as girls?