Do you find intelligent women sexy?

2021-08-31 14:01:57 ARTHUR

Say, potentially "sexier" as women average intelligence.


I find them more interesting. If I get to know two women who both attract myself in physically, I would probably prefer the one who also looks more intelligent. But it also applies to other non-physical characteristics such as humor, warmth, empathy, etc.

Ultimately, such general questions can never be answered correctly anyway. There are always the individual case and the individual mixture that decide.


Yes, in any case. Intelligence is insane attractive.

The head is like a house, because I need the feeling that someone is "at home" is inside - so that I really talk to a guards spirit.
Otherwise, I would feel lonely if I do not meanFull answers in conversations get.


"sexier" in itself. It stops on the occurrence / flirting behavior on it. And in my experience, women can be intelligent, rather really well flirt. But of course, there are also intelligent women who can not flirt. So no attraction arises with me.


I do not really care about me, should already know what to know. But if then more or less does not matter.


I definitely expect that from my future, it is also the only thing that could compensate for smaller breasts but also only to some extent

Do you find intelligent women sexy?