If the climate protection has supposedly top priority, why are the prices for pu

2021-08-31 18:00:59 ANDREA

Climate protection is a topic that has been known and feared for 30 years. In all the time, governments and parties were on the lever to counteract the development. At the state and plane governed CDU, SPD, FDP or the Greens ... but except "make more expensive", they hardly have undertaken to privilege except for climate-damaging behavior, instead of creating incentives for realistic alternatives.


I do not have the impression that the prices for the public transport are high.

There are in many regions z. B. very cheap job tickets, student / azubi- / semester tickets, annual tickets or other offers. Even country tickets for small groups are very cheap.

Comparatively large numbers only occasional passengers who buy a single ticket for each ride (and then take this benchmark), but for regular customers the public transport is usually much cheaper.


The public transport costs a lot of money because he needs vehicles, railways and especially staff operating it. This can not be for nothing. The ecological problem lies rather in that people have no look that a car converted to the drivingIstung costs much more. If one would still invoice here the cost of land consumption and the ecological follow-up costs, some people would pass the eyes. Clarence Because the priority is actually just so high. This is a great campaign topic, so all parties now make a "environment". Thus they hit two birds with a flap. First, you have the voices of your master selector anyway as good as you can take a few initial voters, it is a great thing. Nothing against climate change, it certainly gives him, but if it is you actually would be serious, you would have to do something about the insect fat, because over 80% of worldwide foods are in BESDependers instructed. The hunger in the world is already big enough and is certainly no less if more and more insects die. Who drove in the 70s in the 70s, knows what you had in the summer for an insect cemetery on the windshield. Today? I was not in the car wash all summer and still have the full view, with my car ... Rick Well climate protection is only operated to give you a good feeling. Climate-friendly stuff are usually less profitable. Therefore, our politics operates Green Washing. This acts like climate protection on the people but is profitable. paper bags are a good example. They are climbing as plastic and yet it works like climate protection Colleen Because climateVhutz does not have priority at all parties. But the aprometer is less the fare but the too little offer. And that hangs together with a lack of capacity. There is a scouring just wrong.

If the climate protection has supposedly top priority, why are the prices for public transport so high?