Do you personally take it, if someone answers you here?

2021-08-31 21:03:39 EVAN

Does it meet if there are stupid / common answers under your questions or if someone is against you?

No, it does not itch choose 62%

So, sometimes so choose 29%

Yes already CHOOSE 10%


Hello, Bieno57!

Not in the lowest ..... and I want to explain that to you:

There are only two ways, either it is the pure envy, or the absolute stupidity.

An intelligent person expresses very aptly, but chosen, and that sits.

Everything else conjures me a grin in the face, and then I then bear the inferiority.

With love greetings, Renate.


It depends on who it is. Often it is always the same users who believe to be annoyed with their comments, they herself suffer more under their envy, who brings them to react to Patzig.

I do not personally take it, since I know who the chatty answers come from whomESE users just can not help.


Hello Bieno57,

No, I do not personally take it personally.

I'm always friendly and fair.

Should I really get stupid answers or comments, I ignore them.

Why should I personally take stupid comments from any user who does not even know me.

I do not appeal to the shoe.