How often do you eat potatoes?

2021-08-31 22:04:58 MARCELLA

We Germans are a potato volk.

Several times a week choose 50%

rarely choose 21%

once a week choose 11%

several times a month ago Choose 7%

About once a month choose 4%

Daily Choose 4%

Never Choose 4%


Total different. Times are 5-7x the yoke Ewas with potato (fried potato, curly friezes, tronad potatoes, puss, puppy dirt or chips ... so many possibilities!) And then again the whole week not a crumbs.

Today will be today Grilled, we make Curly Fries, these are the first potatoes for 10 days ^^


Potato we eat several times a week in the form of salt, pell, fried potatoes or even in stews. But even egg values ​​are not too short with us. It is available in all sorts of variants. LG Lazarius


Potatoes are a "superfood"!

They are rich in potassium, contain other minerals and vitamin C.

You have not so many kaLorien and are therefore good to lose weight.

They unfold a basic effect in the body and thus counteract the body of the body. They contain fiber that serve the good intestinal bacteria as food = long-chain carbohydrates.


I am rather the noodle and spaetzlefrund. But really rotten fried potato I love.

I forgot that I often make potato cucumber salad and check only "once a week". Then several times a week.

How often do you eat potatoes?