Fear of children standing for constant thoughts?

2021-08-31 23:05:04 MYRON

Hello Municipal,

And although I have been properly finished for 3 months I'm constantly fear of children. At the beginning I have not thought of anything until all my old day has accepted I think constantly .Ich wines constantly and at despair I also think so real thoughts for example, for example, my child does not care something I can not get these pictures from the head. And now that's so bad that I get a latte when I cuddle with my child or I have about home No desire for women and feel of sexual intercourse with my girlfriend Nothing more and constantly wars I will get a ruly feeling if women walk past me or cuddle with my girlfriend. People what can be that I have right fear that does not match something with me. And scarfI can not properly not. Can someone give me tips such fear


I am a strong enemy of the pedophelia, but to make it easy for you and because you are honest, I would recommend you to go to a psychologist, this can help you most likely to help you in this situation ,

Only I do not know what you count as a child and how old you are.

Are you under 18 I do not care how old the respective person is, 18+ is already critical what under 16 Annual age and with 21 actually only 18/18 +.

Then you are also what the law is always on the green side.
Of course you can say the age does not play a big role, but with boys Years I think that's something else.



Make an appointment with the psychologist and if you get a latteIce-cold showers then immediately away.



turn You to the.


Age is changing the taste. How old are?

Fear of children standing for constant thoughts?