Should I send pictures of me?

2021-08-31 23:07:37 SALLY

I have given someone here on legacy my Kik, because you can send each other pictures. I have made bad experience, I sent pictures to a boy and he said that he will delete the directly back, after 2 months he sent me my pictures and said to me the pictures are known to you .. I was so disappointed because Had really familiar because he was sympathetic to me and now still wants to see a look like I look .. What can someone do strange in the worst case with my picture? He lives 1h from me, you say I should send him pictures although I just like to write him or should I leave that?


It's pretty easy: as soon as you are unsure and did bad experiences, then let it.

If you just do not care about writing, it does not matter , as you are out.


If you are unsure, do not send ... first familiarize the other ... In the intrnet you are just a bit more careful


If you have a comic gut feeling then stop it and do what your belly tells you. The gut feeling is often a very clever head ^^


What pictures? If there are erotic pictures, I would leave it. If only so selfies, or manifest, why not. Do you have to decide for yourself.


So if you do not care that the pictures could see many others then send him one, but if you want that just he sees the picture let it be.

Should I send pictures of me?