Are the two really go to the sauna without thought-out?

2021-09-01 01:02:26 SARA

My husband wants to go to the sauna tonight with his colleague. It's a mixed sauna! When I asked him what he did there grinned the two only stupid from the laundry ...

Do men really go there for sauna? Once we were there together and there he then had women all the time ... he could be excited afterwards? I'm jealous animal


A sauna is to recover and do not make contacts, or the two go to a sauna club, then your jealousy is entitled.


Hello! I also go to a big sauna drive every few weeks - without ulterior motive. That's the case with most

but of course there are also men and women - the sexual interest you can also be addressed as a man

We were once there and there He then attracted women all the time. Did he be excited afterwards?

That reads so, but is more the exception

Beautiful Day


I'm jealous of animal

Yes, you realize that you cancelingly after a GRound looking for something to hang your man.
Are men really go there for sauna?

Yes. I rarely experience such odexual minutes as in the sauna. Yes, there are women, whom I would otherwise be sexually attracted. But I can not think of sex in the sauna with the best will. Actually, I can not think in the sauna ... Sial superficially to chat together, my brain is already calling completely.
Could he be energized?

In most saunas, an absolute zero tolerance goes against every sexual allusion. I think that a man who gets an erection would compliment pretty unreasonable in front of the door (he can attract themselves outside) and get house ban.


Whether the BeiDEnough ideas have, only they know themselves

I am also a delighted sauna singer and I have to say that gaffers and bowl are not seen. Should not the two behave accordingly, the community will already focus on them ...


But can it be that you make a little crazy? I find, look is not banned. You have to look somewhere. And honestly: Your man's jealousy can not really do nothing.

Are the two really go to the sauna without thought-out?