I'm so happy?

2021-09-01 02:01:44 DAISY


I'm 15 and a girl. omg I know it is not a question but I just have to tell someone now. I was just after school with a friend so 10min outside. I'm not Straight But she's already and she also has a friend since a few days. I really love love hugs of girls but so really long intense. We were already outside last week so 10min and then she comes so and wanted to hug me so briefly and we both do so what you do because we never hug us. You know the hello bye hugs that are not a real hugs and that wanted to stop it. And today when we were out again, she says you still knows when I wanted to hugdle and I so yes. Then then I love so hugsWho go for so long and not so weird hello bye hugs. Then she says me and Lorena so a different colleague of her hug us always so .... And then she came to me and we have about 40s so beautiful and firmly hugged so ne embrace I did not have for 3 years and I did not have anymore and I did not Lieebbbbeeee Esss Ommmgggg I'm soooo happy. I told her 3 times that I love it and she always does not care if when where to come to me when she needs a hug. I hope she comes back. No really people it was fantastic !!!!!!! Sry for the long text.


I actually normal that makes you happy


Nice! Maybe soon?