Does Germany need Joe Biden the approval for Nordstream2?

2021-09-01 03:04:50 PEGGY

I've heard last in the Tageschau, which Joe Biden has negotiated with Germany and Ukraine over NS2.

What do our American friends have to do with it?


Actually, the not attractions to do so, but they mix everywhere everywhere and Germany does not need the approval of Joe Biden, Germany is (still) a fairly sovereign land.


The Americans do not want Europeans to build a good (economic) relationship with Russians. In addition, Americans want to get rid of their dirty fracking gas with us, but we do not buy if we relate the gas to the Russians.


The US government wants allies that Your obey. She does not want a discussion. Our government is deaf towards needs from the rest of the world.
The subjects of an empire can be quite unhappy - but they remainRTANE. Because they are only conditioned on what the ruler says. Europe - and thus Germany - is an unfortunate colony of the USA.üeckliche-kolonie.html

USA, world power, leading of the West.

Russia should be our enemy. Putin angry and so.

Does Germany need Joe Biden the approval for Nordstream2?