Is it ok to play with 25 Minecraft?

2021-09-01 05:00:34 CARMEN

Yes Choose 85%

No Choose 15%


Yes ... I am 70 and passionately like Minecraft. The game is age-independent. Children prefer to play PVP and Bedewars and so, the older ones prefer to build creativity.

So, do not kop. That you were too old with 25.

Have fun gambling and greetings from Katzebiggi


also with 125th

This stuff of trails "is" Only for children, "Humbug is still exists above all in retirement age.

However, I can not understand it. There are thousands of games that make the same why do you have to make that of the games take the most children in the MP? And on top of that of all comparable programs has the mass-rollest graphic with a tremendous distance.

DAOf course, if there is someone else playing something with many children to get into contact with them.


Main thing is fun, different Youtuber also play minecraft. It should not be embarrassed by you.


It has no age limit ... You can do a lot with the game ... Grade when creativity is in demand and builds its own accommodation .

Generally, games are without age limitation ... So totally unnecessary the question.

Everyone decides whether he wants to play or not, no matter which age.

And if you feel like it, then it is like that.


Why not?! ☺

25 is not sooooviel :)

Have fun still.



Is it ok to play with 25 Minecraft?