Vaccinate against the will of the parents?

2021-09-01 05:01:35 BRAD

I'm 16 and would like to vaccinate against Corona. Unfortunately, my parents are persistent vaccine and do not want that. May I be vaccinated against your will too?


Yes, from 15./16. Life of life may be legally legally consented in certain medical intervention in Karlsruhe in the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe himself, if they have the necessary insight and decision-making, so understand the medical education and capture the scope of their decision for or against the measure . Some vaccine centers "advertise" also that they make without consent from the age of 16 without the consent of the guardian vaccinations.



Yep can you find a doctor or a doctor could theoretically check your consent in a preliminary conversation whether you are spiritually and from being aware of whatYou are doing and also the scope of a vaccine is aware of you (in the sense of it may possibly damage something)


I believe that vaccinate in your age is the most richest Decision of the / des other is the thing about it ...

Let yourself be well advised by different doctors and Dan you decide!


I personally would advise you at least in To listen to this case!

Some immunologists had expressed from the beginning of the IMPF debate to the fear that the Covid19 vaccine could even increase the susceptibility to Corona after a certain time delay.

Meanwhile, there are sufficient data especially from Isreal that in early gums the susceptibilityactually increased for corona instead of how initially reduced!

What's the head of the Center for Disease Controll. Rochelle Walensky, which had confirmed an online conference of the White House:

"Although our vaccines are currently working well to prevent hospital stays, we see worrying evidence of a vaccine declining over time and against the Delta variant.

In addition, reports of our international colleagues, including Israel, indicate increased risk of severe diseases in early vaccinated risks. "

Original quote:

"EVEN Though Our Vaccines Are Currently Working Well to Prevent Hospitalations, We Are Seing Concerning Evidence Of Waning VACCINE EFFECTIVENSS OVER TIME AND AGAINST THE DELTA VARIANT.

Additionally, Reports from Our International Colleagues, Including Israel, Suggest Increased Risk of Severe Disease Among Those Vaccinated Early. " -Briefings / 2021 / 08/18 / Press Briefing By-White-House Covid-19-Response Team-and-Public Health-Officials-50 /

And this Good as all experts independent of the pharmaceutical industry have been seen for good reason:

The experience from the animal experiments of the past so that after a certain time delay the susceptibility to Corona was even increased in the second infections!

Previous attempts to develop vaccines against coronaviruses failed [25]. Vaccinen against the Feline Coronavirus FIPV led to adverse effects, so that in immunized cats the likelihood of developing the disease increase .2020.18982

The reason why the susceptibility for Corona is increased to the longer term at the same point of view, as in the yellow fever vaccine:

while the initial infection mostly Harmless with flu-like symptoms, it can lead to severe hemorrhagic fever at the second as a result of the antibodies. The study results now indicate that vaccination also produces infection-enhancing antibodies and the danger to hemorrhagic dengue fever increases in the vaccinated initial infection with dengueViruses ist.

Because artificially created antibodies do not always have the same quality as well as naturally formed antibodies . There, the risk of so-called infection enhancing antibodies is much higher, which can also arise naturally as the example of the dengue fever.

In addition, the vaccine seems to have some heavy side effects / interaction with other viruses, which are only visible to a time delay:

... in all of Israel illuminates adults and children on viral infections, a phenomenon which is unprecedented for this season as several physicians report. "We have never seen anything like that," Dr. Tal Brosh, head of ABortion for infectious diseases at Samson Assuta Ashdod Hospital.

RSV usually occurs in winter together with influenza and is especially serious for very small children and older, endangered adults.

"Normally we will see it disappear in summer, but if we look at the numbers now, it looks like winter in recent years"

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Yeah, of course, you can do that. How do you be able to do that? Okay, not 18 you could say now. However, the legislature already ensures self-determination right from under 18.

Vaccinate against the will of the parents?