14 year old has illegally with almost 14 years old?

2021-09-01 06:02:34 REGINALD

Let's say, A has been 14 and B for a week of 14 and B has been in 2 or 3 months 14 and those who had sex.

During the then 3 months have to wait?



Need to wait 3 months?

Actually, because it is still illegal. But in practice there is no judge to impose a real punishment

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  1. So first of all: A and B would have to be Germans /living in Germany. In Austria and Switzerland it would be possible anyway.
  2. In Germany, Ü14 must have no sex with U14.

but still:

  1. Each form of sex remains allowed, both of which have already completed with each other , as No 14 were. There is no lack of considerability necessary for criminal liability.
  2. Otherwise, a state Augment can and is usuallyLT in such a small age difference but both eyes to push both eyes - if the parents of B have no problem: "Such contacts are even the knowledge of the law enforcement organs, should regularly a hiring of the procedure according to. §§ 153 ff. Stpo, §§ 45, 47 JGG are considered. " (Laubenthal)
  3. If this should not be possible, then we speak as a" punishment "of an admonition or a circulation. With a larger age difference also from a few hours of social service. However,
  4. A pregnancy always acts punishable.


Yes, you would need. Otherwise, person A makes a punishable. But where no plaintiff, because no judge. If it happens by mutual agreement, it probably will not be zU come a punishment.


"When may you have sex? The so-called" impact age "for sex lies in Germany at 14 years. Only from this age, young people normally have the right to have sexual intercourse. In this way, children are to be protected from sexual assaults by older people. Have two 13-year-old children of consensual sex together, but do not be punishable. After all, both are not penalty. In such cases, however, the arrangement of various educational measures can be made by a family court take place. "

Source: https://www.bussgeldkatalog.net/jugendschutzgesetz-sex/

After that, A must not with B Sex because B is not 14 years old is. B is said to be the last 3Months wait after all, these are also the last weeks where it is not punishable


So 13 with 13 year olds is allowed, 14 with 13 year olds not, but it is so close to each other, think so I do not know that in the worst case, a lot to be a lot to look for! Of course, that of course you should think about it: where no plaintiff, there is no judge!

14 year old has illegally with almost 14 years old?