Do you only drink still water?

2021-09-01 06:03:41 ALEXANDER

or only water?

(except for special occasions)

No Choose 53%

Yes, only still water Choose 42%

Yes, only water choose 5%


Still is too boring, I am preferably medium, drinking coffee, tea, from time to time nen juice and very, very rare a soft drink like Cola or Colamix


A lot of water and then tap water, but also coffee, bissl syrup (homemade) into the water, coffee, tea, somewhat iced tea.

Alcohol not even on special occasions


I prefer to still water, as water is not so good for urinary acid with carbon acid.

Otherwise, I still like to change cola light caffeine-free.


I drink always bubble water When it works. In restaurants like Cola. If the hosts have nothing else, I come with still waterCapture.


are not particularly good to carbon dioxide. Especially since carbonic acid in the water does not taste absolutely.

Do you only drink still water?