Need a mild care that neither the skin irritates or impurities arise, have big p

2021-09-01 13:05:44 PERCY

I have from Weleda the Iris Face Cream What I always used in the evening do you know that? And the Weleda Tonic are a couple of days, but is not well thinking;) I'm probably irritating to the skin, even more pores arise.

What do you use as a really mild care, how often .... that the skin Am himself regenerated and makes supple again, what can you recommend


Of course of natural cosmetics, I am no longer convinced because most products often include a lot of alcohol, fragrances and other things that my skin rather stimulate as calm and maintain.

I use for cleaning in the morning and in the evening the AHA / BHA Peeling Cleanser of No Cosmetics. A mild cleaner who makes a great job.

My standard care routine is currently looked as follows:

in the morning of Garnier Ambre Soleir The sensitive facial fluid 50+ and the AquaCreme of Neutrogena

in the evening either the 120h hypersleep moisture serum or The retinol serum of No Cosmetics and the NIVEA sensitive night cream.

Incidentally, serum can look the best if the skin is still a bit wet.

I had yearElang problems with my skin and have been followed for some time Xskincare (Leon) on Insta and must say that his product recommendations have taken with me like a bomb. Such a great skin I had felt forever no longer. If you have Insta, I recommend you to stop by him. Super Content What skin care is concerned with many tips on a variety of skin care topics.



So I use a facial cleaning which I use in the morning and in the evening!
But the is prescription but the dermatologist prescribes you if you have pimples!
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Hope I could help you a little bit!
Good luck