What is your absolute favorite movie?

2021-09-01 20:05:35 JACK


From Dusk Till Dawn - One of my favorite shorter. In the beginning, it looks like a normal gangster movie in which the criminals flee with hostages into another country, they are safe there and to start a new life with the money and seek refuge in a "rest stop". And only in the second half falls on that not everything is as it is at first sight and the fight begins to survive.


"in the shoes of the fisherman" with Anthony Quinn and Oscar Werner a gloss performance of the two actors

Game me the song of death with Charles Bronson. The music of Ennio Morricone is unique


American Psycho.

Pretty profound FILM (and book!) That tells far more than what you can see. It's about the complex problem of wealth, call and reputation and superficiality in American better society.


hard to say, but I'll take Moon from 2009 :)



I find "back to the future" really good. He is funny, exciting and interesting, I think.

LG Tim

What is your absolute favorite movie?