I have no idea what sex I stand?

2021-09-02 01:04:37 RENE

So ... no idea, I'm 16, probably it's because. I always found women and men both attractive, but guys just still with this Bissl extra, which is why I thought I was Hetero. But I had such dreams with both sexes.

My crushes were always guys, but never replied. Until here everything seems to be clear, but now I think that a guy has a crush on me. That was the trigger that I thought about it right over it.

So, I've stopped, with him room and everything got together in me, but not in the good way. I thought it's just because I do not find him attractive, but when I introduce other types I think attractive, knewe I do not really do what I think of it (but it was not as bad as with the one who likes me)

And then I just did so the same with a attractive girl and it has it much false false.

But I already had Crushes on guys and see them with such eyes? I have never thought about girls, why now? I just got girlfriends because I was always nervous with boys, does not really fit it?


So, whoever reads so nen essay, very much respect and gratitude of me


I think attractive

Bisexuals do not find all people attractive. You can even have a preference for a gender: bisexuality does not necessarily mean 50%: 50%.

You could be heteroflexible, for example: a bit of bi.

The only minimum of homosexual activity limits the heteroflexibility from bisexuality. The heteroflexibility is called colloquially as "mostly hetero"


Dreams Already with both sexes. That may be a hintbut not. Also erotica and porn are not a good reference to sexual orientation (eg some hetero women reading lesbians / gay-erotica). Real experiences are much more important and meaningful. Antoinette Take a look at attractive boys And sometimes with girls Then you know What you want

I have no idea what sex I stand?