Am I fit enough for the AGA?

2021-09-02 02:02:21 CARLA


I want to know about whether I'm fit enough for the Aga therefore here a few data:

I'm 19 years old 3x the week.

5 kilometers I run under 25 minutes.

For 10 kilometers I need about 54 minutes.

I create 50 squats in a piece as well as 40 pushups / situps in a piece.

I'm giving an additional 3x the week in the gym This is the back in the focus specifically the lower back.

(Of course, I also do other muscle groups)

I know that you can draw on the data pretty little conclusions, however, I would thank you for a small assessment.


An AGA is often not equal to Aga. That's why you can not say the flat rate.

Only I advise you to distinguish military fitness and physical fitness from your expectation. Jogging is not comparable to march with 15kg.

Only as much: it will give those who are worse prepared. Good luck!


The question is more if you have power duration and are still working after prolonged physical loading.

For the Aga it is sufficient, even if you even Do not train.


Do not make a head .. With the performance you are very likely to lie in the upper third of your train. So everything relaxed.


Even nen overweightHe is fit for the AGA. Do not worry

Am I fit enough for the AGA?