Did you ever have such (pertoumes)?

2021-09-02 03:00:52 RODERICK

I have these regularly and write it up for a few years, I know sometimes things that I'll experience later in a few months in advance is the 1 month and a few weeks.

have often new people seen in dreams with the surroundings and situations that I actually met in real.

Sounds really crazy for outsiders too I was crazy.

In 2017, I noticed that and recorded second but then ne. At the time that it has been completely calmed down until it has been a lot going on again and I write it about 2 years ago each of my dreams, now also a sense of developed which dreams are troubles.

That's what I call them.

For everyone you have to give youEN advice Just write to everyone your dreams, and if your details know this is absolutely synonymous

I can remember almost every dream and think about some dreams longer, and have often often clear spaces Difficult to control me once has worked once for a few seconds until I have knocked out.

The dreams reveal much about our mental condition, and that not only in such perceives also normal dreams can betray so much.

Meanwhile, the dreams are up to the smallest detail because details are often important so that you notice that later in time.

Some dreams have written a bit spongy in the past and get away with details because I agree with it later because I ETWas forgetting ...

As I recognize such dreams if, for example, people / items of music videos I have never seen or filming in the dream, eg at my home and later in really there are there too.

Especially if they are clearly visible and often I have torrent also clear spaces that I realize that I dream in the dream.


Hello Lottoianunymous,

It's very good that you write the dreams. Thanks for the tip.

I know such dreams and have them since my age of 14. I have already paid ahead.

My mother has such dreams, my grandma had her and my Uropa.

It is always fascinating and incredibly at the same time.


I have now often had such situations in life. There is this déjà-vu feeling to have experienced it. And mostly I remember that I have dreamed exactly that.

But I never really seriously employed me. Mostly dream, and experiencing real, many years apart.

On the one side it is ABER good. So I would have to be stabbed by a female person known to me.

And after the last dream, I would have to be in setting of Dark Souls / The Elder Scrolls, Intimate with a Werwölfin (in human form).

Since I am neither great with women known to me, and the latter is completely out of reality, I would not continue to deal with it.


Oha Krass , I just have a question you have after dreaming everything really in mind? And what if you dream that you were shot, eg that would not be quite disturbing for you that maybe that happens soon? That sounds like a gift for me to be really crass


I also have - just funny, I remember these dreams as good as never. I then have a dejavú and only remember dull.


I dreamed that my grandpa dies, even said goodbye to me. On a bridge. 5 min later the phone rings. Grandma's turn, grandpa is degreased

Did you ever have such (pertoumes)?