Flat earth trolls - what do you really want?

2021-09-02 03:01:30 RHONDA

If I see such flat servers on the Internet that deny the round shape of the earth, I always ask myself what is really behind it. Honestly, I doubt that most of those really believe in it. I faithfully believe you just want to stilt unrest and provoke people.

But what? What brings you that? Attention? Recognition?
What do you think?


I think that's last year, many really stupid people have made people. I can imagine some blurring really in such ideas


I think you either just attention or you really believe because you are any conspiracy theorists.


I think these are usually only spinners who want to pay attention ...

or do that really :)


2015 people with cardboard signs Depressed where there was "Refugees Welcome" and have claimed they would be the majority.

In such a crazy world, one can also face and claim that the earth would be a slice.


Do not underestimate the stupidity of your fellow human beings. Some are really so stupid and actually believe that the earth is flat.

Flat earth trolls - what do you really want?