Why are godless aggressive?

2021-09-02 04:03:05 LEROY



You lack what God means.

God is the energy of truth, justice = love / agape.

You have to give it and it will be.

By only wanting to desire, use others, you will not get anything yourself. Because it remains those who gave it.


Are not you in the crowd, rather believers. They have much more people on the conscience as atheist


Are they that? Some want to claim that just "God Messenger" are still much more aggressive. For example, by mission statements, faith wars, witch burns, crusades, radical groups, systematic patriarchy with active suppression of female role, ...

have noCh not experienced that Atheists have led to war, where there were any "faith questions".

And No .. I'm not atheist .. But many believers are personally just too damaged me.


are not. In fact, the story shows that there are always believers that were the fastest to violence. That has not changed today.


Are not you. If anyone now wants to force their religion then it can happen that they become aggressive but not everyone becomes aggressive there

Why are godless aggressive?