Why do women have one always?

2021-09-02 06:02:13 MICHEAL

They do as if what want what, etc. but then they are away at once. Why?


Women are of course also looking for human and interpersonal relations with men or women. They want to go out to meet friends, have fun.

If it suits then more can become more of it or not. You do not know before.

Men have completely different interests and trying to make the main girls clear. Because it does not work if you say. ". Eey let's pop it?" Men can also be used on friendships without, of course, let the end destination out of sight.

There must be disappointments in nature.


Even if you say women are more mature than men is not always true. Many want to have their fun with types in which they believe themDo that you want something of the men, even if it's not like that.

Unfortunately, I can notify Net how old you are but believe me if I'll tell you that it will be better in old age.



I can only speak for me that it is quite occurring that someone seems interesting to build contact etc and I sometime that it does not fit for me. This can have different reasons. But then I do not fool anyone, I can not smell from the beginning if everything fits or not. Thus, I initially interested and sometime may not possibly anymore.

But I do not know how that looks like other women, I have no experience.


What a robust AusdrFor the beautiful game of women with the coquet. That's just the exciting for the women that they first announce the possible lovers. They should first kindle their desires. A woman who is easy to have is "cheap". And which woman wants to be cheap?

No, you have to play this game of eroticism, which also cultivates the joy of it, this hope and expect, perhaps or now not possible but maybe spill! These are all extras that can enhance eroticism for culture performance. Whole novels tell of the confusions and confusion of love, of the small encounters, the tender touches, the sending of signs, the miscarriage and disappointment then again the conflictThe
affirmations and consent, the value of which then increases into the immeasurable.

Balance sheet: Let yourself be a game of love!


Maybe you misinterpret the signals.

Nice, friendly and a little caring for a long time does not interest.

Why do women have one always?