Why can I not do anything?

2021-09-02 07:03:52 SHAWN

Hi, I just can not do anything! Everything I do my girlfriend can do better. We played guitar together and she was always praised and I was always told I should practice better. Also in sport she is much better than me and in school is already told me that if I do not continue my abi. In every subject I am worse than 3, even in history and politics, though I thought I would be interested in it and understand it, but apparently that's not the case. I just do not see a meaning behind me still at school, because I can not do anything anyway. I'm not funny, not sensitive, have a social fear ... Sorry I do not know why I write this here ...


She's your girlfriend, so Basically your better half. Do not worry out. Concentrate you prefer to get to your sausage tray.


Maybe your talent still slumber in you and you have not found it yet

Why can I not do anything?