Why does not the vaccine against Covid-19 in Israel help anymore?

2021-09-02 14:02:48 IRIS


  • They had only 3 weeks distance
  • It concerns mainly older ones which have a weak immune system and have already been vaccinated in January
  • the protective effect lets After 6 months, especially with BIONTECH
  • Nevertheless, we are very well in front of Sweden and protected death, the deceptive refers only to symptomatic infection


Just so well, you could ask why the pitch strap in the car no longer benefits, because over 90% of motorists or riders, which have come to a car accident, were not strapped.


Who says that?

The numbers and data do not give this:

Now the corona cases rise in Vorzeeland again, despite high vaccination quota . According to official data, over half of the Covid patients treated on 15 August are vaccinated in Israel. Over 50 percent sounds dramatically. Is this now the proof of a decreasing effectiveness of vaccines? Was the whole hype for free? Not quite. Researchers warn of misleading such statistics.
Researcher explains Israel-Paradox: Caution! - The vaccine can lead to false assumptions
Biostatist Professor Jeffrey S. Morris expects it on his Twitter account and writes: "Many are confused by the information that more than half of all hospital patients in Israel are vaccinated and thinking that vaccinations do not work. "However, he analyzed the official data of the country and show them: actually the data, exactly the opposite, that Corona Vakzine "are very effective against a severe course."
Decisive is, among other things, the high vaccination rate in Israel. The higher the proportion of vaccinated in the population, the higher the proportion of people, which despite vaccination to Corona. If all were vaccinated the quota finally at 100 percent. Considering the high proportion of fully vaccinated in Israel you have to reinterpret the data.



Refreshers are needed. A corona vaccine does not last forever. You talk about it at the momentThat makes sense after 6 months.


Wrong, show all the data it helps

Why does not the vaccine against Covid-19 in Israel help anymore?