Can you do that even if that can be a lie?

2021-09-02 14:07:04 LOUIS

Hey guys, I ordered some shoes last week. And have given the seller one day later the money. He says he had shipped the package the same day, but I was waiting for a week to arrive anything. That was a uninsured package and the seller now claims that the package was lost because that is my fault to have chosen the uninsured shipping.

I had created the seller explicitly to send me the payment slip and I would take over everything else. But the seller only told me that the package has already been shipped and leave me no numbers of numbers. That means I do not even know if he lies or not.

Then have threatened with police in the last few days because the package ImmeRnoch has not arrived. Then yesterday he transferred the money back and today he tells me, he sent the shoes and sends me the money back. And then he says he has addressed his lawyer that I supposedly take liability for the shoes and if that is lost my fault is.

Please look at the pictures and tell me your opinion, because I do not understand what's going on at all.



That was an uninsured package and the seller claimed now that the package was lost because that's my fault to have chosen the uninsured shipping.

So first it is not "your fault" that you have chosen an uninsured mail order. But it is your fault that you did not pass from you out of insured shipping!

And where does the VK know that the package has been lost?
Has he asked a request for investigation? Where is the proof of it?
Either way or so, DHL can see in the system whether a package was addressed to you and where the package last, if it has been sent, was found.

That I allegedly take liability for the shoes and if that lostEN is my fault.

That is as far as correct.

The statement from the VK that the package arrives 100% only with insured shipping, however, is wrong. It can happen in both cases that nothing arrives. As I said, DHL can see where the package was last scanned.

Furthermore ... Why should he send you a payment slip? What do you have to do with the payment? What you mean is a "shipping document" where the shipment number is on it ... but that you have waived by doing uninsured shipping.

Ask me, but also where your problem is ... Have your money again.


Uninsured is at the expense of the buyer when it was so agreed.
was before the shipment agreed that you areEN payment slip gets?


So it looks so that he has sent you the money back now. Now there are two ways, either he has actually sent the shoes and also a receipt (receipt), then his lawyer will work because you have threatened with the police ...

But if he does not have any Document has, you will not hear anything about him anymore ...


All packages are shipment trackable and insured. Apparently it was a post-packet, but there is only one acknowledgment about the paid amount.

Can you do that even if that can be a lie?