Question about Corona vaccine with e.g. Children's wishes?

2021-09-02 18:01:34 ROBYN

Hello everybody,

Actually, I did not want to ask a question about Corona. But One thing is very busy and about this question , hoping that some people have experiences in this regard and may help me.

It's about that one goes Yes, as you all know, can read a lot about the vaccines and their effectiveness on the Internet and it is slowly noticeable to a two-class company comes to a kind of victims

My two questions:

    Does anyone know people (or is themselves in this situation) who have a desire for children who have skepticism and have advised themselves from a doctor?
  • I also know people who have problems at workIf you do not want to vaccinate! E.g. because of allergies or simply are still uncertain! Do you also know such people or even affected themselves?
Thank you for reading and hopeful experiences

Remains healthy and cheerful and enjoy the day.


Since it does not even give the vaccine a year, you can not make a reliable statement about side effects regarding the fertility. So far, it has given neither positive nor negative examples. And pregnant women will not be vaccinated anyway for the time being.

Secondly, the employer is obliged to provide for the health of all operations. So he has to make sure that sanctulants are working on home or terminate.


I also know people who get problems at work if they do not want to vacate Being! E.g. because of allergies or simply are still uncertain! Do you also know such people or even affected yourself?

eggNe will soon begin their studies. She has all sorts of health problems and does not want to vaccinate.

It is currently ensured, both in relation to the university, as well as its integration into private student life.


Since you are male, you should be aware of a desire for children Covid19 infection more fear. At least actually has actually been found. The spermiogenesis often suffers from a Covid-19 infection, in the sense that there is then less viable sperm. Whether this really affects the later fertility, nobody still knows: this effect has not been observed to my knowledge after vaccination so far.

I do not know anyone of both groups of people. I ... itElbst has rarely! Partly violent allergies, but have therefore not even considered not to vaccinate me, I had certain concerns first because of completely different things: namely various autoimmune diseases. Then I had stopped and then vaccinated .


The woman of a work colleague is a doctor. Here we once had the topic of period irregularities (I just sat as the women talked, apparently someone had found some irregularities after vaccination).

Persons who have period problems here anyway can through the vaccine is temporarily influenced by moving the period, more strongly or weaker or even runs entirelyFalls. This could possibly have led to the rumor that it could lead to infertility. But this could not be detected so far.

However, in some alternative contraceptive methods, it could lead to unwanted pregnancies, since the rhythm can be disturbed temporarily. The probability is very low, since in the environment, the doctor so far only people were affected, which had previously problems with their period and therefore certainly not the type for such alternative contraceptives.

I know people who know themselves (yet) do not have vaccinated and do not want that. But I did not notice any of them that they had problems on work yet I have noticed something at work - here there is no queryfor vaccination status. Who wants, can pick up Corona self tests and then must carry out the test 2 times a week (whether vaccinated or not). Who does not want that, who also gets no (other) tests.


I personally am no expert but I think it has no influence on fertility, because after vaccination I had And my girlfriends all still a normal cycle and it is so that the vaccine after so 1 or 2 years decreases again.

If it would have an influence, it would be gone again after 1 to 2 years.

Question about Corona vaccine with e.g. Children's wishes?