Corona: How is the 3G rule controlled?

2021-09-02 19:01:43 JERALD

From reaching an incidence of 35 in NRW, the so-called 3-G rule: inner gastronomy, hotels, hairdressers, etc. may only be used when the customers are vaccinated, recovered or tested.

I am vaccinated and ask me: How is that controlled? Do I have to show my phone when I go to a restaurant and the staff then controls the QR code I received after vaccination?


We were eating at the WE with 14 people in a restaurant, all goods were vaccinated.

But this was also controlled with every one based on the digital detection, or the yellow vaccination pass.

Perso we did not have to show, but since it was in our village, the staff knows us.

We also had to log in via app or fill out a note.

And before yesterday at the Frisueur was also filled with everyone controlled and note .. They are not so progressive there and use Luca.


It's the same way to bring me in the hairdresser shop Customers a copy of the two vaccinations, the negative result or the certificate of recovery. Test are always onNew necessary if not vaccinated or recover.


Here at the hairdressing visit last week were the satisfied as the barcode seen in the CovPass app.

I think that's what I think is handled differently.


Hey! I do not know how far that is comparable, but in Austria, either the green passport on the mobile phone is presented, covid imaging, vaccination certificate or test certificate. Maybe in combination with a photo ID, but that is not necessary in Ö yet. I hope I could help you!


You have to show proof that you are either tested or preserved or vaccinated.

This can be the QR code. Or the vaccination pass. Or ne vaccinationNotification. Proof of a negative test or proof of a surviving infection.

Corona: How is the 3G rule controlled?