Which of the consoles is better?

2021-09-02 19:02:17 SILVIA

Which of the consoles is better and why?

Nintendo Switch Choose 56%

PS5 Choose 22%

Xbox Series x Choose 22%


For me, for me, the Xbox she is the strongest removing from everything the good compatibility with Windows

With me she is game console Media device and Blu-ray player in a what thanks to the commercial remote control for the Xbox is also very comfortable

The switch is a very nice product of very well adapted to what you should be but only what you should be is more of a niche product and on No case an all-rounder


The most important thing about consoles are the games - and Nintendo has the largest offer of good exclusive titles. In combination with a PC the best combination


in the scope / offer and the flexibility is the switch M.M.N.The best choice, but in the end it depends on which requirements you imagine and there is particularly about the game offer.

But the switch offers it with the largest offer, but whether the offered games are also what they are, what You want, you can only decide.

If you also use a gaming PC, the switch can be a good choice because you can cover such a very large offer of games, so you can differentiate between PC and console better. The flexibility of the switch clearly arises about the Xbox and PS5.

Second point, the Xbox would come here, just because Windows and Xbox fit together better and, in particular, because of the GamePass which is available on Xbox and PC.

Last job would come here the PS5, WThe PS5 also has its advantages over the Xbox.

I would be before the choice it would become a switch because the offer is not quite my taste I have already decided on it. I am currently thinking about whether I should pre-order the Steam Deck, that's quasi as the switch, just stop with Steam integration.


The Steam Deck would most likely meet my needs. But that's because I'm primarily PC players and are playable with the Steam Deck my games on Steam.


This is currently the most powerful console on the Market! In addition, I find the Xbox Series X better in the way you withWindows PCs is compatible, u.a also because of the Game Pass!


Consoles are all garbage. PC players have enormous advantages. The further design of the games through mods is also part of this. So a game never gets boring and you can adapt it to his wishes.

Also, the PC Keys are often to buy games far cheaper.

A PC usually costs more, but is definitely worth it.

Which of the consoles is better?