Can you miss a certain year?

2021-09-02 19:03:22 BOB

No idea if that may sound funny for you, but since in 2019 I miss in 2016 totally strong?

I know how I tried to live in 2019 as much as possible to live as if it were 2016 and have also looked almost only old videos from my favorite syntubers.

I'm not so " obsessed "of the year, but still I wanted me to go back.

I had many friends, was pretty independent of everything, was very happy, there was many good youtuber who I liked to look at the School has fun and the music has generally liked me much better in the year.

Now I sit here alone, moved, without friends and hobbies. The music is not so good for a long time I think and school makes MEhr or less fun. And even if I had hobbies and friends again, I would like to miss the overall package


Yes, I miss the year 2011 totally. But also the year 2012. That was the best years so far for me and if I had the choice, I would have done a bit different (better) in 2012. Unfortunately, it is not possible to turn the time back: (


Safe can be that!

2013, please

I miss exactly the year , and 2016 too!

In 2019 was also very great because I was always with the tent, all over Switzerland, raining, and flashed, it was very great!




Of course, if you have particularly good memories of a specific year, you can miss this too.

I would like to have back in 1993,That was nice at that time.


Clearly you can miss old times - that is completely normal and understandable in your situation anyway, if everything has changed so.
I miss 2015 u. 2018 and would like to go back.


I can understand. For me it is the year 2018. Is because you felt good or better than the other years at a given year.

Can you miss a certain year?