Buy FIFA 22?

2021-09-02 23:04:42 BECKY

Do you buy FIFA 22? I will buy it, but that will be my last FIFA for the next few years.

No Choose 78%

Yes Choose 22%

Maybe Choose 0%

What is it? Choose 0%


Nope, since the PC version is still the load-gene version, I also play FIFA 17 until the PC gets the big upgrade.


I would not buy it. Spar the money rather for a more meaningful purchase. You can still use the previous year's version and are constantly buying the current version is just too expensive and football in real playing makes many more fun and is healthier.


Yes I will definitely. However, I'm still thinking about whether I buy it for a lot of money right in the beginning, or just wait and for less buy.

Alone because of the feature that you can reassure your own club again in the career mode, it is a must for me this time. What Niceis that BVB 2 is in the third league, because then I can finally gamble!



No because it is the same game every year Another covers and another design


This has nothing to do with a football simulation and is becoming worse through momentum / scriptum and Co.. EA, despite the new graph, only pulls the money out of his pocket.

Buy FIFA 22?