Children go to me on the last nerve?

2021-09-03 00:00:59 DEREK

I do not like these little unnecessary people because they always think they could do everything they want!

I'm at work ... I work as a seller in a bakery and constantly when so small Satan's roast arrive the with your dirty and greasy fingers to the slice of the display !! Which I just troubled !! His mother asks him what he wants and he claps his greasy fingers on the slice and says chocolissant !! What's wrong with these children? Why do not behave? Can not he just say "Mom I want a croissant" end terrain !! Without wanting to touch everything !! The coming into the branch races gather my jam on usw ... think inside age you small ... Miss you ... Boah ne could be the eclap ... Why are children so stupid?


Apart from the fact that you were probably the same, that has something with education. Just ask the parents to see if the kids can leave that and finished. You can also make it complicated extra. In addition, children are anything but unnecessary.


Anyone who titles his customers in the morning is only no clever businessman / woman.

Children go to me on the last nerve?