What do you think of mentally handicapped people on the Internet?

2021-09-03 00:06:51 SHERYL

I fall in forums, like here, for example, that of course people with spiritual disabilities are traveling. If you also see on platforms like Tiktok etc.

My sister is also mentally hindered (mental state of a 7th year old) and of course on the internet. Lately, I should set up your-mail program on the phone and still download an app. I still have because I was curious what she was doing on the internet, browsing her browser profile:

Without end porn to the go, Facebook, of course, the whole advertising links you get and stop youtube. For purely rational reasons, it is not used - is you that good or bad? Clear, freedom for everyone no question, but is just an absolute spotin which she lives there. Mentally handicapped thinking so that they are different and then again on the internet only so a shadow world additionally be exposed to -So I do not know .... that can not differentiate that even less than us yourself


Thinking for others is difficult. Wait until you respond to you.


Even if your sister has a spiritual restriction, so you have to preserve your privacy. And sometimes honestly, in how many others who have no retardation is the browsing course as well? Especially with adolescents?

Everyone lives in his reality, in his own, with his own experiences, experiences, etc.
and you can assume that many around you, in one, how you call it derogates, sparky ... who knows, maybe you're it who lives in a shadow world?

Your sister also has a right to your life, even if you have a spiritual retardation. Also your sister has a right porn to showAs almost everyone else around them too ...

Then everyone who is a lot on the internet, Daddelt, role-playing plays, etc. in a spelling world.
Breivik & Co. the life in a sparkling world, but are mentally completely clear.


But your question actually shows, sadly, how little you appreciate your sister. She too is a person, too she has her right to her own reality, just like you. And she will really have more problems in life than you, because with the stamp "hindered" on the forehead, what do you think, like the Company by hand over? Some wish people with disabilities, whether of birth or acquired the death.

So let them breathe ... and let them live their lives.


mentally andHumans often often have a guardian.

to control what is good or bad for one person should decide.


Human is human! Everyone like him may or may!

And at a 7-year-old is - ideally - an adult. Question would therefore be: why not with your sister? O_O


I just think, those are people like you and me .... Let them just ....

What do you think of mentally handicapped people on the Internet?