What can I do (depression etc.)?

2021-09-03 00:07:39 PERCY

Hello people,

In this text it is not really about me, but I am at a loss and need help.

So my sister (ended 13 years old) has not been going to school for 2 days and is most of your time in your room and cries. Even if this is anonymous, I do not like to betray too much, but it's about it's going to hate at the moment. She is afraid to go out because she does not want to be seen. She said she is very dissatisfied with himself. (It all has to do with a matter of her body / face, which she really shuts down, but as I said, I do not want to mention too much, otherwise I feel any bad.) She does not speak Much and probably fear in this way in such a kind of hole. (MaybeDepression?) My mother is therefore not so happy as usual and told me again and again that she is helpless. She also asked me why my sister's cheerfulness has disappeared and that she does not understand that. Also because my sister is not talking properly with my mother. All I know, because I managed yesterday somehow and very long and profoundly with my sister, and I perhaps thought because at least a little happier looked happier, but after I just got ahead of the School came was felt everything again as stupid as before. That makes me all right, even the conversation yesterday I really liked it. I'm only 13 and can use this SITDo not work well. I'm stressed, and somehow me will be queasy or even bad when I think about it. I do not know what to do, or how I've behaved. All this costs me a lot of strength and it pulls me down.

What should or can I do?

(I'm sorry for the long text and thank you for your answers ❤️)


First, you should at least let them a day alone to think about the things. Then you could be a letter or so write about how you feel in this situation (I do mostly). Try that you turn into you and you put yourself into you. Have a picture or something delicious. If you do not cry, you can start a conversation again. Step by step, you try to bring them back to that you go out again. Show her the beautiful things in the world (sounds a bit cheesy now)

County advantages on why you should be normal again and why you miss it.

I hope that I am unfortunately not an expert


Hm, that's hard, hm ...? Since they are tooPeace with himself is, maybe it is because she finds ugly ...? If that should be ... It should face in front of the mirror, and look closely, and ask yourself why she is dissatisfied with himself. Now she should accept everything what you do not like it ... maybe you can eat ice cream together or go for a walk on the dirt road? That causes miracle! Maybe something happened? Has she perhaps lost a best friend or a best friend, or is she jealous? She has to question everything and accept everything !!!

LG, stays healthy and well!