Why should reading be healthy, we people are not done by nature?

2021-09-03 00:10:37 HELEN

I've noticed any comments from Youtube comments and excessive demands in brain.

Therefore I ask myself to read us not mentally in the head broken Mother Nature has not made us for this because category religion search


The thought of Gutenberg's opponent at that time, too - you come with the objection that's something late ...

The same one has also said that the radio is more and more widespread had.

or when the TV was in the living room.

or when the Internet was accessible to everyone.

on the other hand: to be reading "healthy" I heard nowhere. Reading is good because it forms you and expanded your horizon.


Because we learn to write.

Learn more language skills or other words and not always the same standard.

You can also learn by reading a lot and even better than if you hear it.


Healthy is good, rarely so laughed. Read expands the horizon when it is non-fiction books and the like, because Schundromanum, that's lost lifetime to collect them.


Well, we want to learn and develop. In some cases, this is different than other ...

and societies develop, it is also a bit crazy that we print paper and exchange it against work or goods or goods ....


Healthy in the purely physical sense is actually not reading. The mostly immovable attitude, usually also sitting, the focusing of the eyes on a small and always equal range are certainly stressful for the body.

Reading is ReadFor good the brain. And because nature has given us this ability, it is probably also natural.

Why should reading be healthy, we people are not done by nature?