Why do you prefer so many people the Islam?

2021-09-03 03:00:48 EMILY

I am the Arab himself and I have been committed in a very strictly religious family. I am 32 years old and studied n the Al-Assad University of Islamic Sciences ... I have always detected Islam, as I had to complain every day as the poor women of our country are actually enslaved and poor people due to their faith / clothing / customs ..mordet and stoned. Mine interest in Islam has not fallen after so many years of education. Today I know the Mohammed a brutal grace-release mass killer is. He enslaved women and had the most intimate recent thoughts they can have. He married a child ...


  • Because they have no desire and / or the ability (ie sufficient education)
  • Because they liked to get what they have to do instead of themselves to decide.
  • Because orders are easier to comply than critically deal with a religion.
  • Because every society is becoming easier to do that, which all do instead of acting independently - this is especially true on patriarchal societies in which authority is strongly pronounced.
  • Because they were brainly washed.
  • A few too, because they have a special psychopathological preference (such as masochism)


You do not know it any other way (like you for BeiSspIEL), so that "education" is missing, you can not enforce your will against the dominate men.


Prefer in the context inappropriate. Nobody finally asks his child: "Hey, which religion do you want to belong? Or do you prefer to be atheist? ". People are habits that do what they know. If all are in my culture of Muslims, I'm also Muslim because I do not know it any other way! Or in the east of Germany there are very many atheists, because in the GDR religion was not welcome.


I suspect that the parents play an important role here. If they teach the children that Islam is good and Mohammed is a saint, then the children adapt the courseFor now, you are familiar to his parents. But now does not know if Islam is bad or good


That will not be different than in Christianity. Who has already decided consciously?

Most have not been asked as children.

Why do you prefer so many people the Islam?