Is love a pure illusion, which the brain produces only?

2021-09-03 04:02:44 LAURENCE

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In contrast to infarity, which is demonstrably triggered by hormonal operations in the body, love is rather psychological. You love his pet, his family, his friends, his partner, etc. because they give one (mostly) a good feeling. Love is actually the emotional headline for multiple sensations such as trust, security, etc. All these feelings are ultimately decisions, can be quite justified, but are based on subjective perception, which of course can be wrong. I would not say that love is an illusion, because the feelings are there, they may just be "wrong". But yes, basically you do not really love the individual in itself, but the picture that you have from himhas.


Pheromone, Serotonin, Dopamine, Noradrenaline, Oxytocin have an essential influence on feelings and behavior.

Sometimes the visual cortex in the brain is also responsible for this attractiveness To decode and stimulate the hormones. (I believe)

Pheromones are suspected unnoticed to trigger a reaction at the other gender.

Through the distribution of the whole hormones you can see through the so-called "Rosarote Glasses".

Body contact and so on to pour hormones from the "binding" (oxytocin).

After sex, an oxytocinschub at both partners contributes to the feeling of connectedness. Artificially administered, it causes a reduction of stress in addition to a lot of other, evaporates aggressiveness andPromotes empathy as well as trustlessness towards strangers.


It is an approach, but science alone is only vague. ^^


Difference yes, but when it comes to love then, it also has a lot to do with conscious decisions.


Me Would also see more than a neurological reaction that gives a special feeling. Dependence on partner, the person, is then possible.

Romanticize? Well, ask couples who are married 20 years. :)


Is love a pure illusion, which the brain produces only?