Do not Muslims come straight to hell?

2021-09-03 05:05:16 BERT

Selamın Aleyküb I would have a question. Yesterday, my sister and I had a profound discussion Unzuzwar. There was a drum if non-Muslims come directly to hell. I thought that you do not have the right to judge whether a person comes to hell or into the paradise. One can not say something like everyone has his own religion. In addition, my knowledge in the Koran confirmed the correctness of Christianity and Judaism, which also have a very high priority in Islam. For this I would find it a bit paradox, that you have to accept people and their religion but then on the other side claim they come to hell.

So again to the question: Do not Muslims come straight to hell, because they go to another goTT believe and not to Allah?


Clearly come to hell. The reason: they do not want to struggle with 75 virgins, but prefer women with a lot of experience. And you can find that more in hell than in the virgin paradise.


agree that no man should consider how to judge God. So please.

The last part of your text has surprised me something, as you played on Allah as another God, respectively the other religions would have another God as Allah. That would refute the thesis, the Koran builds as Abrahamist religion on Judaism, Torah, Old Testament and Christianity, New Testament?


Your "profound" discussion has already been in the 17th yesHr hundred completely thorecked.

Keyword: Pascal bet.

Summary: For several religions, the premise "God rewards believers / punishes" a false dichotomy.


So literally citing I can not tell you the Koran but as far as I remember is there only Allah has the right to judge and people who do not belong to Islam but a virtuous life Led will take allah to paradise.

Do not Muslims come straight to hell?