City capital What is something?

2021-09-03 05:05:53 ARMANDO

Hesse is a city or and Frankfurt am Main a capital or?


Frankfurt is a banking city and a hub for aircraft with its airport.

Otherwise it is a normal city that is not even the state capital in Hesse, because that is Wiesbaden.




Wiesbaden is the state capital of the state of Hesse and with its 15 thermal and mineral springs of one of the oldest spa baths in Europe. Around 278,000 people lived in the second largest city in Hesse in the second largest city of Hesse at the end of 2019. The county-free city is one of the ten upper centers of the state of Hesse and forms a cross-country double center with around 500,000 inhabitants with the adjacent Rhineland-Palatinate state capital Mainz at a good 300 km². Mainz and Wiesbaden are theOnly two main capital cities of German landlords with a common city limits. The city counts, besides Frankfurt am Main, Mainz and Darmstadt, to the core cities of the Metropol Region Frankfurt / Rhein-Main.



There is the capital up State level in Germany eg Berlin.

Then there are federal states such as Hesse and these federal states have a state capital in the case of Hesse is the Wiesbaden.


  • Hessen = no city
  • Hesse = One federal state (one of 16 in Germany)
  • Frankfurt = no capital
  • Frankfurt = a big city in Hesse
  • Wiesbaden = State capital of Hesse


A capital is a SYmbolical, mostly also political center of a state and often headquarters of the Supreme Pattern: Parliament, Monarch, Government, Supreme Court.

A city is a capital, if z.B Bayern is a federal state then he also has a capital and Berlin is the top as a leader or king.

City capital What is something?