I do not get orgasm why?

2021-09-03 07:04:02 TERRY


That's all quite unpleasant to me, but is lucky everything anonymous ...

No matter what I'm doing at SB I get to 90% no orgasm, although I'm really really Much tried and totally relaxed.
It's slow very frustrating if you stay unsuccessful at the end.

Is that the many so or do I have to worry?
I do not need funny answers from emergency horny

(I'm a girl)


Hey I am a boy that means I have absolutely no idea, but I have found a few pages that can help you:

https: / /www.womenshealth.de/health/zensen/hilfe-Gehme-gasm-problems/

https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.rtl.de /cms/selbstfaltung-upanleitung-fuer-den-orgasmus-2870095.html%3foutputtype=amp

ich I hope I could help


So there you New is it as if it were so important to you that you even created this account. Therefore, I believe it could be because you make a lot of pressure because you absolutely want it. Do not concentrate on the orgasm and if you can not make it something else by the way: listen to music, sexing,Porn something you like.

If this is not the case and you do not make a pressure try a lot, which there is no technique that works equal to all the same.

It is best to try to stimulate your clit on different methods. This is the most sensitive point in your vagina. Therefore, it is likely to be the most lightest.

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Hello Angelina,

You know that women only Stimulation of your clitoris come to orgasm?

But if you have already tried everything at your clitoris, probably something vibrant. The pick-up evibrators for the Klit are called Womanizers and Satisfyer. At the Womanizer with a small opening for the Klit there is no escape for these,says my lover. You will find those at Eis.de.

If you can not order there, an electric toothbrush could work that you hold to the Klit. Or a small pickup vibrator, which there is in Rossmann or other drom markets - without age restriction.

Good luck!


Not every woman comes to orgasm. An orgasmarantie is only available through it. So you are looking for a friend if you have no. Then you can give you an orgasm.

I do not get orgasm why?