What do you think about the vaccination obligation?

2021-09-03 11:01:46 MICHELE

I find it just terrifying that the state can do something without the population lifting her voice. Apparently, humanity has already learned nothing out of history and that's really sad. I do not find words more.

people were bombarded by 24/7 Corona news, partly propaganda and lies, in the media including social media. The population was immensely feared, because with fear, people can easily control people. Whatever worked. Who would have thought that at some point we would give up our human rights and freedom.

Now the epidemic situation of the country was renewed again. Why? Because the normal German law would otherwise not allow that people withVictate this fucking vaccinations.

We are forced to vaccinate indirectly. Only 3G rule and now slowly 2g.

"You may decide for yourself whether you are inoculated!

Uhhm ..

But yes if you do not vaccinates ...

If you only lose your freedom ... "

Last, someone was said from my narrow circle he had to vaccinate, otherwise he lose his job or will not be extended his contract.

When writing this question, the blood is already cooking in me. As has been blinded, you have to be able to accept the vaccinations today.

Does not come with any data from hospitals or anything else. I have many acquaintances, under each other a doctor who works in the hospital and he told me likeIt runs there. He has observed himself as his colleagues, Covid-19 called the mortal reason, though patients had nothing to tune with Corona. And I do not want to know how much manipulation etc. there still goes off.

Only the rich people benefit from the vaccine. Our taxes will be used to make the pharmaceutical industry richer. The rich are getting richer and the poor always poorer. The people are simply exploited. What could have been done with these taxes.

Keywords: education, digitization, global warming and much more.

There is also a 2 class company and the population is divided. Vaccinated and surrawed. Unvaccinated have less rights.

I could still have hours here, daysWriting, but that's enough as a short explanation of my position.

I would like to know what you think of vaccination and vaccination. I would not want to discuss here, but only your opinions know.

for vaccinations and vaccinations CHOOSE 40%

for vaccinations, against vaccinations (everyone should decide themselves) Choose 37%

against vaccinations generally choose 10%

Other response Choose 7%

for indirect vaccinations (financial pressure on unvaccinated) Choose 3%

I do not like choose 3%


In my view, the decision to vaccinate or remain due to various circumstances, to be left to the conscience of each individual. It will have its reasons why the vaccine manufacturer has been contractually excluded from any liability for potential vaccination damage.

Also, I consider the indirect vaccination obligation as problematic. It can not be considered by far not every citizen in financial terms, from 11.10,2021 to have to pay 40 euros for a corona test for almost every day (which is known to be financed by the tax revenue anyway). It does not open to me why you are already sick or with an unexplored vaccine vaccine of more right useIn it, as someone familiar to the functionality of his natural immune system.


This is the only chance of the pandemic at some point to end.

All nurses must be necessarily be vaccinated to endanger their patients.

In the social area, the vaccine must be in principle!

The vaccine is simply a great invention to preserve health!



What I'm annoying is that it was one year ago, there is no disadvantage and now comes out that this is not true. If, then you should have clearly communicated that from the beginning. If someone really worries about his health, I understand that of course. But this unequal to be treatedI do not think that's good.



Anyone who really agrees for a vaccination requirement simply has no normal sense. That's so funny and sad at the same time.

There are no long-term studies, as well as. That's why it is completely understandable that many (yet) do not want to vaccinate.

Everyone should simply decide whether he wants a vaccine or does not stop.


I have been double-transplanted for 2 years and must be the rest of my life immunosupresiva (immunused medication ) take in. Through the transplant I have, triggered by the EBV , get cancer ( PTL-B ) (probability for it <0,01%), der inzwischen besiegt ist. Inzwischen bin ich 3 mal geimpft, da nach den ersten beiden Impfungen keine Reaktion nachgewiesen werden konnte! Wenn nun auch die dritte Impfung versagt, bin ich darauf angewiesen, dass die anderen Menschen geimpft sind, da damit auch die Wahrscheinlichkeit, aufgrund geringerer Virenlast, schwindet.

What do you think about the vaccination obligation?