What do you have against the left?

2021-09-03 12:02:54 MARILYN


I noticed that as many see the AFD as a smaller evil than the left. Now my question: What are you against Dieinke?


  1. I want to keep my sauer deserved money and do not have to give away it anywhere.
  2. The program is completely unrealistic, because not affordable. The left makes promises that it can not comply with, nor must be observed.

If you already know that you can not get to power, you can promise what you want without justifying yourself later to.


I would definitely not choose. What bothers me personally at the left:
The election program consists in my opinion only from redistribution. Verner is based on the financing of the election program only on new debts and new taxes. To mention I do not need topics, as if left politician violence.


Left ignite cars; Rights indicate humans.

I have two cars, but I have no people; So, is logical that I have something against Left.


The left tries to mitigate the symptoms without combating the disease (the basic structures of the taxation system and social security).

But this is not a privilege of the left. All other parties do the same way in one way or another.


I completely read the election program of the left and do not know what should be so bad about it. I recognize very good approaches in it. I think many people just get panic when you see the word "left".

What do you have against the left?