Mother Has Headscarf taken away help?

2021-09-03 12:07:56 VERNON

Salam Aleikum dear siblings and brothers in Islam!

My mother told me the headscarf Was.soll I do now if I feel without a go ICG me so naked and make a sin is supposed to make a sin? wear?? And how should I pray at school help because school is until 13:30 and Dhur 13:24 and asr soon at 14 o'clock and I need 1; to 3 hours to home because I come from another city


Get another headscarf, let it be in the (school) bag and pull it outside.

If AST is back at 14:00, then is Dhur Also at 12:00 clock. So you can pray in the break. If that does not go to you at the school, pray in sitting or at home.

At the moment, AST is only after 17:00, so you have no problem.


Lol, you make a drama out of it. If you get another cloth into your pocket or let yourself be with one girlfriend and pull it out when you get out of the house, where your mother can not see you anymore.

You have to obey your parents actually obey your parents but not if you prohibit an Islamic duty.


I miss itAdd to understanding. But if you are very firm in your faith, then you do not need anything but your faith in my eyes. Also no headscarf. God understands your situation completely. You have to find a bit of peace in you.


Aleejkum Selam I'm sorry what you are experiencing, my mother was also against my coverage because I have waited with the covering until I prayed but I've already prayed, at that time Always a headscarf so you continue to practice your prayers The 5 prayer are mandatory, I pray if it is no different from time reasons in a park or in wardrobe in the shops.
May Allah make it easier for you steadfast.

Mother Has Headscarf taken away help?