In which fantasies would you like to spend a day?

2021-09-03 20:03:05 CAROLE


in a world as in Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.

I do not know how to say exactly that because it's no other world but just in a world where our folkrenons are true, especially with us in the north also with fairies, grabbing and everything. However, that would be just as dangerous as in Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter has there too something of it. Fabulous such as Wendigo, Vampires, Goblins and many others, I would consider as dangerous but also nice things like brownies, and still a lot of neutral beings, I would say.

I thought there now as in the anime Mahoutsukai No Yome where, however, often fabulous and old traditions are shown a little. Even ifThis now has his own style.



or Eve online in space the miracles see. That means that I am astronaut: D


If you meanty to fantasy world - that's what I suppose - then I wanted to live in the world in which my protagonist ( Write up to date on a fantasystory) lives and learns that she is a witch and can conjure. Then I would ask her that she will become my girlfriend and experience with her exciting adventure.

LG Lisa



Aperture Science Without Glados, with Wheatley)


Star Trek.

In which fantasies would you like to spend a day?