Studied: Chic 2, or own basement apartment?

2021-09-03 20:04:34 LYNN

Would you prefer to pull her in a WG or in a separate basement apartment?

The WG room is well equipped and stylishly furnished. The lower-bodied apartment is not so pretty, but you have no roommates for that.

2er WG Choose 58%

Cellar floor apartment Choose 42%


You get a lot of my life with life. In any case, a WG, even if it could be more difficult: -)


I do not like WGS

But it comes with whom I live together would;)


cellar. Is much hornier. You can come at every conceivable time and bring guests without someone bothering.


I just live further at home and is good

Studied: Chic 2, or own basement apartment?