Would you give a pregnant the seat in the bus?

2021-09-03 21:00:54 SHELLY

If no other seat would be free.

Yes Choose 86%

No, was their decision to become pregnant Choose 14%


I always offer my seat - whether it is an elderly man, a visibly pregnant woman or a younger one with a sneaky ankle. I am surprised again and again how little people are equal in the subway.

However, there are also older people who are so demanding in front of a standing and wordless a heavy ducted pass under the nose, that I get up, but I do not like it as otherwise. Normally you do not have to do it request. But if an elderly woman hops good foot and with heels quickly quickly into the train, then asking the ID card, then grumbling in me. I have already experienced that.

I have been traveling many years ago in Berlin with the subway. DHe was fully occupied with young athletes, which were obviously participants of a Jugen sports festival. All sat. I stood. The next stop was a larger group of seniors, some with a crucible stick. The athletes stayed seated. The older people stayed. None of the seniors has dared to ask for a place. There's my heart jumped and I have put my mouth and clearly audibly said, "So, and now the Fitten boys sportsmen are sure so friendly and free their places for the ladies and gentlemen. Thank you." They have also got up, but with this tröngen no plan view. The seniors were grateful.

My father - even severely disabled - it has also been so important. He sass tired of working in the subway, asAn elderly gentleman entered the wagon. This was purposeful on my father, held his badge under his nose and said 'getting up.' No 'please', nothing friendly, just demanding. Then my father reached in his inside pocket and picked up his ID and said, 'I have it too. ☺


Except I have a violation or have many pockets. But if there is no circumstances, clear.


This is simply courtesy of a pregnant or senior or senior and people with impairments to offer the seat.


But I do not do it so often because the offer is always rejected. Especially when it is older people xD


NInception, older, handicaps or pregnant people offer a place.

So much decency should have already taught the parents.

Would you give a pregnant the seat in the bus?