What is the worst job there?

2021-09-03 22:05:19 GENEVA


persons Cleaning the crime crime crime

persons who are inappropriate victims of violence to recognizable

persons still presorting manually determined household waste ( I was at such a commission of a refuse recycling plant)

pastors who provide relatives to the death message of a loved one and collect people

Street builders who handle 40 degrees with hot tar with 40 degrees

Gas water installers working on pipes and have to find out, that tenants have, despite please, do not want to operate the toilet flush in between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm, but do this

Medical Footers



Since we are straightE are on the internet, I would say the people who are constantly filtering / deleting violent-videos for platforms / deleting / deleting cyber investigators who have visualized image and video materials of sexual offenses. So I imagine something like that for the psyche.

EDIT: for example: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/facebook-the-cleaners-dokumentation-timt-hilippinen-aufreis-sozial-media-reisre A-00000000-0003-0001-0000-000002389766


Social professions (for your own knack you have to endure the other colleagues and clients)

But Here are some of the opinion, prostitution would be such a great work - is that with the worst job I can imagine, especially according to experience reports.


That depends on the person. For autists, work as pastors would certainly be cruel. Vegan to deal on a slaughterhouse would not be human either. Alcoholics should not drive school buses and a hypochonder would be a general physician after each patient's opinion to have a new disease. Fighting Jet pilots are not utilized as a cleaning power in a KITA and cleaning professionals would rather hyperventilize in the cockpit of a fighting jet than that they could work concentrated.

I have rejected a job offer as a paraphyser, although I would have very good conditions for it. In the long run, it would have burdened me too much that I would have to deal with customers every day, which understands my understanding and empathy ability to the limitsclaim the logic.

The worst reports from everyday life I listen to the time of people who need to control compliance with the Corona rules. There is discussed about masks, about tests and about regulations, it is pushed, roared and threatened. Hairdressers and 18 years of temporary workers are approached as if they had adopted the regulations themselves after they have invented and spread the virus together with Bill Gates.

If we have an epidemic that is so contagious like Corona and so deadly like Ebola, people will storm the supermarkets like animals on heroin withdrawal. Zombie Apocalypse!

My answer So: Security near REWE and LIDL.


The profession who does not have fun and that is IndividiDue to each other.

What is the worst job there?