To the Ü 50s. Since when do you have a computer?

2021-09-03 23:05:08 HERMAN


I'm 54 with about 20 I made a computer course, then there was the DOS commands. The course had cost me at that time 1000 D Mark. After the course I wanted to buy a computer The offer for this was just over 6000 marks. Insanity!

Did you also have stories from the time when the computer for private people came to the market?

Maybe that for the younger people here is interesting since when it gives the boxes.

Today is the handling of it completely normal and relatively simple. A world without a computer is unthinkable today. But back then?

I look forward to your stories of that time.


Vintage 1964, 57 years.

My first own own money paid ...

Commodore 64 1982,

followed by an Apple II GS 1984,

This was then replaced in 1985 from a 286er since I got along better with DOS and I liked MS Windows better .

From there, each CPU gene, from 286, 386, 486, etc. Almost always AMD or Cyrix because of the prices.

Unfortunately, only 1 pc is displayed in the basement, an Athlon Slot A 800MHz.


Moin, Bin 51 and bought a Commodore C64 with 14, and gambled with it , later also programmed with basic and assembler and made hardware. Only from 1997 I had then worried a PC a 486 66 MHz used. From 1999 haI then then I have internet. And then on regular new computers. Currently I have 4 pcs at the desk, as well as a Raspberry Pi, three Banana Pi and twice Odroid XU4, and 20 years ago I entered the software development through a happy coincidence as a newcomer and now work as a system engineer in the backend area. Thus 20 years of experience with Oracle databases and programming in PL / SQL as well as currently incorporation in cloud technology Docker, Kubernetes and Co.


Oha ... a steep template * grin *

The first computer I consciously perceived was the famous Commodore 64. Of course I wanted to have that as a child - and never got him. I only allowed to play with him with friendly children.

For friends, I also saw many other computers and with it - Atari, Sinclair, Texas Instrument. In department stores, I'm always around the shelves with the homecomputers.

I bought my first really own computer in 1988. In IBM compatible PC of highscreen with 80286 processometers and 30 megabytes hard drive, a floppy disk drive and a black and white 12zoll screen.

The box cost me 2000 DM. At the time, of course, there were already the faster and better 80386 processors, as well as the somewhat weaker 80386 sex variant thereof. But that did not give my budget. I was an apprentice and there was unfortunately only the weakest processor of all financially in it.

The PC was received with the PC DR-DOSRT, a competitive product on Microsoft - and definitely better DOS, no question. Dos himself I have been fully independently taught (Trial-and Error and from books).

Although I never became a good programmer (also lack of creativity for new programs) I also have myself Basic and then later Turbo -Basic taught.

The PC was a MS work. An early Office package from Microsoft with slimmed variants of Word and Excel.

Oh - and of course you can only confiderate what you have black on white. Therefore, of course, a printer had to be quite fast. That was a Star LC-9 - a continuous paper printer with a 9-needle head. The needles have dots on the papie through a ribbonR generates!

The data communication also fascinated me quite early. The thing with the modems was still quite complicated at that time, because modems, which were allowed to connect legally in Germany to the telephone line, were made by the German Federal Post, tested, slow and above all expensive. Modems, which were faster and more could, were illegal. The post actually has controlled from afar.

After I already got access to the internet by friendly students - in 1989, I was able to get in 1990 for the first time from home by means of a slow modem (2.4 kbit / s ) penetrate into the large width data world. One has dialed in a mailbox and there messages sent and stored program - and the allIt for the minute's clock. Flatrates were still completely uvestable at that time.

My first data network in which I was integrated was the Fido mailbox network. My first own network address was 2: 241 / 7022.3 (or something similar in any case).

That was the extreme shortfassun, which also makes an area of ​​my hobbies, the use of computers in the amateur radio, sometimes completely outside . But otherwise this will be too long. Maybe I should write a book about it * redfl *


I wanted to complain about the 6,000 ibs for a PC at the first moment, but have recalculated. That was 1987. And Jup - I can still remember the advertisements in the "Happy Computer", where PCs (386) were touted for 10,000 DM and more. :)

My first memory of a home computer is and remains switching on a Sinclair ZX81 with a suitable station setting on the TV (right with rotary wheels) until a white screen with black cursor (with "C" I believe, but it does not know anymore Safe) appeared. That was the bare madness. And then the very first action game: "Sea Mines".

And a small anecdote from the study time and with the first PCs I still have:

At that time, memory chips for PCs were the purest gold rick . In the market, chips with 60 ns operating speed were in sizes 256k to 4 MB, whereby the 4 MB bars were not to be paid as Simms Schier. But in the calculator hall someone offered me 2 x 4 MB Sipps (memory chips with plug-in feet), veralTEETE TECHNOLOGY, albeit at 60 NS clock. The chips came from a discarded server and he has left me the latches for (then) 10 DM per memory bar because he held them for useless electric blank.

I bought the things and then carefully bought at home with a file gaaanz The armbonts and the soldering contacts wed away as far as it just went so that the chips had wonderfully fit in Simm sockets and my motherboard has also accepted them easily. Since I was for a lot of 20 dm the King of Käs with incredible 16 MB in the computer, which was otherwise only uni-mainfrom. So I'm still proud of that I had managed that. :)

In the pictures here ( Are well recognizable by the 30-pin SIPPS and SIMMS.


I am 60 years old and I bought my first computer in 1989, hard drive 10MB, RAM so ridiculously low, that I do not know it anymore. Green screen and DOS 3.3.

You could program a bit with Basic and write with Word.

To the Ü 50s. Since when do you have a computer?